A downloadable project for Windows

This is a map generator I made. It's very simple, generating one random map when launched that can be explored via zooming and panning. 

  • Pan using the right mouse button
  • Zoom using scroll wheel or left mouse button

There are also some buttons that can be used to change parameters

  • s: Saves a copy of the current screen to the given filename
  • h: Changes the water level
  • n: Changes the scale applied to the noise function
  • c: Changes the seed for the map 
  • p: Changes the number of points generated for the map
  • l: Changes the number of Lloyd Algorithm repetitions to do

Thanks to Processing for java, and the Toxiclibs and GiCentre libraries for allowing me to make this work at all.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run maincode.exe in main folder. Packaged with java for windows 64, users on other platforms will need to install Java 8.


AnotherMapGenerator.windows32.zip 9 MB
AnotherMapGenerator.windows64.zip 71 MB

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